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6 Ways Your Trainer Can Make Life Easier

Inspired by people using a CycleOps indoor bike trainer to make their lives a little easier, we put together six things we've learned from their stories.

There's no way around it – life can be quite busy. With packed schedules from work, kids or leisure it can be hard to get a ride in. If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Inspired by people using a CycleOps indoor bike trainer to make their lives a little easier, here are six things we've learned from their stories:

  1. The Parent – We know days can seem significantly shorter when you have kids. For most parents it can be difficult to find time to hang out with their children and still find time for a workout. Luckily, with a cycle trainer your options are drastically improved. We've seen parents who set up their trainer in the playroom and watch their kids play. Pro-Triathlete Jesse Thomas takes it one step further by letting his toddler join his trainer ride.
    The parent who needs to watch the kids

  2. The Pre-Race Warrior – You've trained by putting in the hours to make sure you cross the finish line with a smile. And just like you wouldn't put the car in drive without turning on the engine, you wouldn't start a race without warming up your legs. In order to reach optimal performance during the race and prevent injury you'll want to ensure your muscles are warm and ready to go! Just like the pros, warming up on your trainer allows you to target a specific resistance and cadence output that you need to feel race ready, like this warm-up routine published by USACycling.org. To help you maximize your warm-up time, we suggest setting up your trainer next to your vehicle so you can easily pack up your gear before heading to the line.
    The pre-race warm up

  3. The Outdoor Enthusiast – Don't let ice and slush slow you down from enjoying the fresh winter air. Take the trainer outside and ride with confidence. We've seen people on turbo trainers out on decks, porches and driveways.
    The person who wants to ride outside year round

  4. The Confident Rider – Not all communities or roads are fully equipped for comfortable riding. Plus, riding alone can sometimes be nerve-racking and stressful due to a host of weather conditions and factors outside your control. Using an indoor trainer can help you be confident and comfortable to enjoy your exercise without worry.
    A safe rider is a happy rider

  5. The Ironman – Many people wonder how Ironman participants find the time to train. They wake up early, crank out the miles and get in the hours needed on their trainer before heading out to their day job. And as any endurance rider can attest to, keeping your time on the trainer interesting and efficient is key. To do this many athletes turn to a training software like CycleOps VirtualTraining to pre-ride race courses or compete against their friends.
    The Ironman with a full time job

  6. The Metric Fiend – Riding a cycle trainer allow you to target a specific speed, cadence and/or power value much more accurately than riding on the road where there are many external contributing factors. And according to the University of Zurich, riding inside is ideal for temperature acclimation training for those warm, out-of-state rides.
    Targeting a specific power/training goal

These are a few examples we have seen from CycleOps users and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Share how your trainer fits into your unique lifestyle. Whether it's rehabilitation, time savings or multi-tasking, we want to meet where life takes you!