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Halloween Costumes for the Bike Lover in Us

Trick-or-treat with your favorite ride this Halloween.

It's that time of year when your neighbor's yard turns into a make-shift graveyard, the grocery stores are overflowing with candy and you have to figure out what you – or someone you know – is going to be for Halloween.

This year, mix it up a bit and trick-or-treat with your favorite ride (or bicycle accessories). Here are some ideas that pin-spired us:

  1. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
    This classic costume deserves its place at the top. Inspired by the 1982 flick, this costume lets you play Elliot, his little alien friend, or you could get super meta like this guy. Plus, your bike gets to come along for the ride.
    E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

  2. Cyclocross Inspiration
    The sport of cyclocross has drummed up a reputation for itself when it comes to costume. With cyclocross season solidly overlaying the Halloween season, the Internet is rife with incredible examples – many of which are on our Pinterest board. This one, however, gets the gold star for creativity.
    Cyclocross Inspiration

  3. A Bicycle Made for Two
    When you ask Google to look up "couples costumes," you'll be faced with over 1.2 million results. That's a lot of duos! The most obvious choice for the bike enthusiast would involve a tandem. Don't have one? Not to worry – make one out of cardboard like these two.
    Cardboard tandem

    Although the very best costume we've seen involving a tandem is this homage to Laverne and Shirley, a show about two single, working women in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    Homage to Laverne and Shirley

  4. It's a Group Effort
    Why limit the fun? Group rides are a great way to socialize and exercise simultaneously, which is why a group-based Halloween effort will pay dividends in both attention and visibility on the streets. Plus, we have to admit that this crew of Mario Kart doppelgangers pretty much nailed it.
    Mario Kart doppelgangers

  5. Don't Forget the Kids!
    The best part about Halloween is that it’s a holiday that both kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy. And who wouldn’t dole out handfuls of candy at the sight of these little ones?

    Now that's one Evel costume.
    Now that's one Evel costume.

    E.T. strikes again.
    E.T. strikes again.

    Bicycle accessories are a great way to make some incredible homemade costumes.
    Bicycle accessories are a great way to make some incredible homemade costumes.