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#LongForTheRide April Winner

The first monthly winner of the #LongForTheRide campaign celebrates the freedom of the bicycle and the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition in Bellingham, Washington.

A little over a month ago we kicked off the #LongForTheRide campaign. Driven by the passion to help create incredible places for current and future generations to ride a bike, we asked the world to share their greatest biking stories, photos or videos.

Selecting a winner is never easy, and with much deliberation our first monthly winner was selected: Jen, Dave and their young family from Bellingham, Washington. Her photo shows her two sets (yes, two!) of twins ready to head out for a family ride. There was no denying the excitement in Jen's submission about the freedom riding gives her family – especially as the youngest set, now 2.5 years old, can ride along on their balance bikes. Jen concluded by saying, "This is just the beginning!"

Two sets of twins ready to head out for a family ride

Jen entered the #LongForTheRide contest at the advice of a friend, the co-owner of Earl's Bike Shop in Bellingham, who told Jen that the pictures of her girls on bikes were awesome! She thought it would be great if they won to support Bellingham cycling.

"I recall much of my childhood on a bike, and as an adult bikes have been a huge part of my life. My husband rides and recreationally races road, cyclocross and mountain bikes. I have ridden recreationally and in the last year locally raced mountain bikes and cyclocross (won my division!). The biggest item on our baby registry was a trailer to tote our first set of twins after they were big enough! They started off on glider/kick bikes at 18 months and wanted to ride pedal bikes before their 4th birthday, just like mama and daddy do! They ride their bikes to preschool (2+ miles) most school days! Their little sisters have taken over the glider/kick bikes! We, my husband, Dave Bishop and I both feel strongly that cycling is simply a way of life, a very important and valid form of transportation and most importantly: fun!", said Jen.

Active in the local bike community, Jen and Dave selected Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC) as their local bike advocacy group. When we asked why WMBC, Jen said, "As we have small children (ages 5 and 2.5 years old), it is not easy to participate in trail work days." Through #LongForTheRide she was able to contribute to the trails that so many community members use – soon to include her own children.

WMBC President, Barbara Karabin, was "super excited" to hear the news. Barbara said, "Thank you Jen and Dave for supporting the WMBC and thank you Saris for providing riders with the opportunity to share their passion for biking and finding a way to give back to their local trail organization. We plan to use this donation for improving the trail experience and will support our dedicated volunteer work crews and our R.R.A.D. youth service learning programs."

We've only just begun. Know a worthy local bicycle advocacy group? Send us your story today.

Jen, Dave and their young family
Photo credit: Stacy Moon.