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Trainer-tainment: Motivational Music

An indoor training playlist put together by riders just like you. Listen in.


A few months back we asked our customers "How do you spend time in your indoor bike trainer?" From stellar tunes to motivational flicks to training software, we're excited to share these recommendations that are sure to help you stay entertained ride after inside ride.

Of our survey participants, 18% said that music is their favorite way to pass the time on their bike trainer, 24% selected a virtual training service and 58% chose a movie or TV - versus 0% who prefer to sweat in silence. And while only 18% responded that music is their favorite, almost everyone still listed their go-to turbo trainer tune.

Without further ado, we present to you part one of a two part series on indoor bicycle trainer-tainment: Motivational Music.

We gathered specific song requests and created an easy-to-browse playlist on our YouTube channel.

Why Music? Let's Ask Science.

According to a Scientific American article, the relationship between music and exercise has been studied since at least 1911 when one American researcher discovered that cyclists pedaled faster when a band was playing than when the band was silent.'

Nowadays this connection between music and physical activity is almost second nature. Most online music platforms have created workout specific playlists, such as Drew from Michigan's favorite – the 80's cardio station on Pandora.

Many of these playlists are based on a beats per minute (BPM), with recent research citing that songs with 145 BPM or more can provide an extra kick in the chamois. Based on these findings, it's no surprise that many of the songs handpicked by our survey participants are heart-pumping, fast-paced ditties. Here's even more proof that our group of indoor riders gives preferential treatment to these types of songs:

"Anything that goes with the cadence of the workout." – Greg, NC

"Anything with a faster beat: pop, hip hop, etc." – Steve, OR

"Techno music in general." – Robert, IL

"Just BPM." – Saul, NY

"Fast paced music with steady beat that keeps me cranking." – Bryan, PA

"Anything angry." – Shelby, IA

Got something to add? Send us a message on Facebook and we'll add your request to this list.