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What Bike Rack Fits My Car: Most Popular Vehicles from 2014

These 10 vehicles account for one out of every four new vehicles sold. We want to help you find the perfect fit for these popular cars.

If you purchased a new car last year, there is a good chance that you bought one of these popular vehicles.Even though shoppers had more than 250 car models to choose from in 2014, the following 10 vehicles – 3 trucks, 6 sedans and 1 SUV – accounted for one of every four new vehicles sold.

And if you're a bike enthusiast who drives one of these popular car makes and models, chances are you'll need a bike rack that's a good fit for your new car.That's where we come in. This list should help you choose a new car rack as snazzy as your new wheels – and we promise no new rack smell!

10. Ford Fusion

Starting us off with a challenge, the Ford Fusion's lower area near the trunk is made of a thick plastic, which prevents feet mounting or hook attachments. That means Saris trunk racks are not a fit for this car. However, install a hitch on the back of this car and the options expand to all hitch bike rack offerings.

Try the Bones Hitch family available in 2-, 3- and 4-bike options. By keeping the bikes on the back of the car you'll see better gas mileage compared to transporting the bikes on the roof.And, as the owner of the Ford Fusion it's our guess that gas mileage is important to you.

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Saris Axis bike trunk rack

9. Honda Civic

Honda's brand promise is "cars that work" and the Honda Civic is the cornerstone of this – reliable, easy to maintain, practical. The Honda Civic is a standard style sedan that is an easy fit – you can choose either trunk or hitch racks (although hitch racks will require the installation of a hitch to the car).

Our favorite fit for this car would be Bike Porter Trunk – easy on, easy off. Small to store, minimal moving parts, easy to get the rack properly installed and simple to get your bikes on the rack.

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8. Honda CR-V

Over 300,000 brand new CR-Vs expect to be sold in 2015. It's the bestselling compact SUV on the market.Not ones to be weighed down with the overwhelming mass of the standard SUV, CR-V owners are looking for all the robust advantages of an SUV with the compact's manageable size and sporty versatility.

Within the Saris hitch line up, the perfect bike rack for these owners is our Axis Aluminum. At 14.5 pounds, it's super light - making it easy to pop on and off, and manageable for a wide range of users.

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7. Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima pushes its beauty in brand and advertising. It's a great driving car and looks good, too. The design is one that is versatile to all Saris racks. The hitch install on a sedan is great for someone who doesn't want their bike rack to contact their trunk. A person buying the beauty in their car may be one who cares a lot about this. So a hitch installation is a great and easy solution.The hardest decision here is what to put in that hitch. Any of our hitch racks would be a great functional solution, and our racks emphasize beauty too.Owner's choice and you can't go wrong!

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6. Toyota Corolla

This car is a catch-all for everyone.It just works – and that makes our search for a well-fitting car rack super easy. All of our car racks work on this car. Yes, all of them. No special fit notes or requirements.Just rack-up and go. If only all of life were this easy!

Saris Bones 3 bike trunk rack
The Bones 3-bike trunk rack is just one of the many Saris racks that will fit a Toyota Corolla.

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5. Honda Accord

Since the Accord comes from the Honda family, we know it will do what we want it to do. This car epitomizes the brand, and it "just works."

So, in keeping with this sentiment, all of our Saris trunk and hitch racks can be used on the car (provided a hitch is installed on the back of the car). The Bones RS looks especially great on it, and if what our research is correct about Honda Accord owners, they will appreciate the great security feature of the Bones RS that lock the rack to the car, and the bikes to the rack.

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4. Toyota Camry

Did you know that 79% of Toyota Camry owners sing to themselves when they are driving alone in the car? According to Toyota, peace of mind comes from driving one of the most dependable vehicles ever made, and peace of mind makes for happy car owners.

So what Saris rack is the best fit for the millions of happy Toyota owners? We recommend the #1, bestselling trunk rack in the world, the Bones Rack.In fact, this rack fits so well that we have a Toyota Camry on display, in front of Saris with a Bones 3 mounted on it. A perfect combination.

And even better than the Bones, may be the SUPERBones. This rack takes everything we've learned from the 17 years of selling Bones racks and made it better. The SUPERBones will be available in the market within the next couple months. Here's a preview so you can plan ahead (perhaps another trait in Camry owners?)

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3. Ram Truck

At this point in the list, we launch into pickup truck territory. We've tried to research how these consumers decide between these brands, and what that says about the owners. No conclusive evidence yet, so we're going to match with three favorite options.

For the Ram Truck, you may want to check out our Traps and Kool line-up of transport racks. These bike racks mount either permanently or removable in the truck bed, which makes for an easy to use, easy to remove, easy to store option. The Traps are available single or triple track, and the Kool Rack holds 2 bikes.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

The best option for the Chevrolet Silverado is a hitch mounted bike rack.For the truck owner who wants to bring their crew along for the ride, a 4-bike option would work in the 2" hitch receiver. And since you never know who your riding companions may be, or what bike they want to bring with, we recommend our 4-bike Freedom hitch rack. It's our most versatile rack and can even carry a unicycle if the need arises. Overall, the Freedom is a great choice for adult and kids' bike together, or really any combination of 4 bikes on the back of the truck.Like a rock is right.

1. Ford F-Series

The Ford F-series has been the best-selling vehicle in the country for the last 32 years. Woah. That's a lot of F-series pick-up truck owners out there.If the truck has a hitch, any of our hitch racks are rough and tumble enough to stand up to the use of this truck.

Try the SuperClamp. Customers rate this rack as a 4.8 stars quality, and the ease of use matches the high quality of the construction – just like your truck, your projects and your next adventure.

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Saris Freedom SuperClamp bike rack