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Indoor Bike Trainer Workout: FTP Test

Monitor your training and improvements with this 30-minute workout.

A functional threshold test, or FTP for short, is a test that evaluates your fitness levels including gains and losses. To best evaluate an FTP test, it’s best to consult a coach or local training studio.

This FTP test in CycleOps VirtualTraining is a quick way to monitor your training and improvements. It can be done every month or every other month. Plus, if you’re looking for a 20 minute suffer session you can also do this as a stand-alone workout that’ll get you ready to crush your next time trial.

As always, before you hop on make sure your bike is all set-up for indoor riding. We recommend a training mat to keep your floors sweat-free, riser block, trainer tire so your race tires can catch a breather, a towel, sweat guard or both. And most importantly, make sure you’ve got a bottle of water or two within arm’s reach.

Let’s get started. Ride along with Regional Manager and MSE in Exercise Science, Tyler Stein, as he takes you through this FTP test - available here on CVT.

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