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The 5th Honor Ride Madison, By the Numbers

A look back at this year’s Honor Ride Madison.

Twenty sixteen marked the 5th year that we partnered up with Ride 2 Recovery (R2R) to host the Honor Ride Madison. Ride 2 Recovery's mission is to provide a way for life by organizing 7- to 10-day bike rides for our nation's veterans to help them heal both mentally and physically. The Honor Ride Madison helps gain awareness for their cause, as well as raise funds to support the incredible work done by R2R at the national level, as well as local programs such as Madison's own Project HERO.

The 5th iteration of this community ride brought in a record $40,000 – almost tripling the amount raised last year! We were proud to send off over 20 of our own staff down the road, who was a whole team raised $3,065. Our own Brian B, the spark behind Honor Ride's start in Madison, was awarded a special jersey for being a top fundraiser!

As for the ride itself, May 21st brought us perfect weather with clear skies and not a single drop of rain – a welcome change from weather conditions of the past. After sipping some Colectivo Coffee, over 280 riders pedaled, climbed and cruised roads lined with lush trees and dairy farms to be greeted by music, two half-kegs of beer from Wisconsin Brewing, and a fully catered lunch by our own (and now retired) Manufacturing Manager, Mike Root.

For those unfamiliar with the Saris cast of characters, Mike's grilling skills are second to none. He's been our CGM (Chief Grilling Master) for a healthy chunk of his 37 years at Saris, and before that Graber Products. In the weeks leading up to the Honor Ride Madison, Mike would bring in small batches of test pork to make sure the recipe was just right for the cyclists.

When it was all said and done, Mike smoked 325 lbs of pork. It took 14 hours of cooking, followed by 7 hours of shredding. All his work paid off as we can personally vouch for the incredible deliciousness of the pulled pork.

Mike wasn't alone in his commitment to the Honor Ride Madison and its riders. It took over 65 volunteers and their hard work to host this important ride. From route marking to set-up to attending rest stops to the all-important job of pouring beer, we're so thankful for those who gave their time! We'd also like to thank Walgreen's and Skratch Labs for their support of Honor Ride Madison.

We're even more grateful for those who have and who continue to serve in the United States' Armed Forces. We hope you'll join us again next year as we continue to honor and support our nation's heroes.