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What Type of Indoor Bike Storage is Best for Me?

Find the bicycle storage that matches your personality.

By: Sarah Reiter, Saris Bike Rack Product Manager

There is a great quote from Anne of Green Gables author LM Montgomery that says "I'm glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers". Living in Madison, WI, I feel like she is speaking directly to us. I love October. The leaves change colors, the sun and light becomes vivid in a different way, and cool, crisp air allows us to bundle up in coats and boots, which feel so novel and new. October ushers in the change from the carefree summer time to the more indoor winter season. And, as many do in any period of change, it's a time to clean, organize, and get possessions in order.

One of the areas that inevitably become a focus for me is to figure out what to do with our family's bikes. Over the summer, we want our bikes to be at arm's length so that we can grab them and go. Whether it's a longer ride or a jaunt to the ice cream store, we want to be prepared so we can be spontaneous (I know, kinda a weird paradox). For several of us (who will remain nameless) that means keeping multiple bikes available so we have the right ride for the right ride, if you know what I mean. And, this means that our bikes begin to take up significant space, especially in the garage. Over the summer, this isn't a problem because we can easily park one car outside. During the winter, with the continuous threat of snow and icy windshields every morning, cars trump bikes in terms of convenience, cover and care.

All of this means that I have to spend some time organizing my stable of bikes. While some recommend that the choice of bicycle storage system is a function of the space available, I'm much more of a believer that the product selection should be selected more focused on you -- who you are and how you use your bikes.

Little tike rider

The "little tike" rider.

My bikes should be organized, easy to access and on the ground.

The number one objective for children is the ability to maneuver their bikes from the storage space to their ride easily. Lifting bikes isn't really an option, especially for the youngsters. Plus kid's bikes often have additional accessories like baskets and streamers that make the space they take up a little unusual.

My recommendation for kids and kid's bikes is to use the Mighty Mite bike rack, which will keep the bicycles lined up and close at hand, all while managing the amount of space occupied by little sets of wheels. And, because all you need to do is place the wheels into the rack, it's easy enough for kids to do. This means, in the best world, they will DO IT and keep their bikes were they are supposed to be.

Learn more about the CycleGlide from our owner, Chris Fortune.

The "I love riding when its 70° and sunny" rider.

AKA: riding my bike isn't an every day activity.

A great bike ride brings great happiness, provided its sunny, low humidity, no bugs, etc. So, the bike needs to be easily accessible, yet takes in account that the bike might not see the outdoors every day. If left on the floor of the garage, the bicycle runs the risk of becoming a treadmill-style stuff-holder. Too far away and suddenly it can feel daunting to get the bike out to take advantage of those picturesque days.

Our solution for this use case is the CycleGlide. This bicycle storage solution is designed to hang bicycles upside down from the ceiling in a way that allows for easy hanging and smooth gliding so you can quickly locate and grab the right ride when the right conditions strike!

Bike tracs in garage

The "I want to see all my bikes all the time" rider.

From fat bike to gravel grinder to MTN bike to road bike, I've got a bike for every occasion or condition. And I love to look at them. All the time.

For this type of bicyclist, I recommend hanging bikes on the wall. Our Bike Tracs are available as a locking wall mounted bike rack option, and is also available in a fat bike storage size, allowing you to view your bikes as they hang neatly on the wall. And for the most particular of us bike aficionados; you can also easily reorganize the bike stable whenever the fancy strikes. Some days, organize by color. Other days, organize by riding type. On Wednesdays, organize by size.

For larger projects, more robust indoor vertical bike rack systems are available from our friends at Bike Fixation.

CycleGlide in garage

The "clutter makes my skin crawl" rider.

Looking around my garage and seeing everything in its place soothes my soul.

For this type of rider, it’s as important for every bike to have its own place to rest as it is to get out and ride. Once again it’s the CycleGlide to the rescue. This garage storage solution perfectly solves the space puzzle by allowing multiple bicycles to be hung neatly and spaced perfectly on the ceiling; all while clearing-up more square footage so that other things can be neatly placed. Oh, be still my organizing heart!

Bike storage in kitchen

The "My bike is my prized possession" rider.

And I love it with all of my heart. As much as my pet. And maybe as much as my family.

For you, we know that you want your bike to get some special treatment. You might keep your bike next to your bed, or maybe you want to show off your ride all the time - or maybe it's a little bit of both. That's why we created a great line of designer home bicycle storage products that jive with the interior environment of a home and/or office. We're talking about The Boss, The Hottie and The Show-Off .

Of course, this list is neither comprehensive nor representative of all bike lovers. If you find yourself to be a combination of some or all of the above, feel free to mix-and-match as you see fit.

At the end of the day we know your efforts in finding the right bicycle storage solution for you and your needs will do more than keep your garage from becoming the ultimate junk drawer, it will pay dividends in getting you out the door faster and doing what you love to do – ride your bike.

Do you have a novel idea on how to store your bike? We'd love to hear it. Drop me a note at sreiter@saris.com.