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MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform: the Core Difference

Pro-cyclist, Isabella Bertold, on how the MP1 Nfinity transformed her indoor training experience

Photo credit: Max McCulloch, @maxmccullochvisuals

By: Isabella Bertold, Pro-Cyclist for UCI Women's Team InstaFund Racing

Yes, indoor rides are mentally tough, but totally worth it because I know that at the end, I will have had a solid training session. Less variability means that my interval sets will be quality. On cold and rainy days indoor training is certainly safer, and thanks to virtual training platforms I actually find myself pushing just that little bit extra when training indoors.

At the end of the day indoor training with a direct drive smart trainer has its advantages. That being said, there is one thing that helps me layer-up, cover myself in lights and reflectors, and head outside even on the coldest and darkest days: core strength and stability on the road.

One reason I feel comfortable red-lining on the trainer is in fact that there is no risk of crashing. I can ride as hard as I physically can and collapse on top of my bike at the end with no consequence. I can shift side to side on my saddle, again, with no consequence, and weight placement on handle-bars is a non-factor. Outside that's a different story, but outside is also where we race.

Isabella Bertold, La Prima
Photo credit: Filip Funk

All of this was true until I recently strapped my H3 direct drive smart trainer to the Saris MP1 Nfinity motion platform. What looks like a giant balance board or rocker plate; is so much more than that. The MP1 Nfinity platform moves with you - and moves with the bike. Getting out of the saddle meant my core had to do some extra work, stabilizing my body as the platform rocked side to side, and I had to be more aware of my weight placement over the bike. Is it still more forgiving than on the road? 100%. But my core was engaged, my pedal stroke felt more realistic, and paired with some extra pre- and post-ride core work I felt as if the work I was putting in on the trainer would translate more easily back onto the road. Oh, and the indoor riding was also a lot more fun!

Isabella Bertold, La Prima
Photo credit: Max McCulloch, @maxmccullochvisuals

Verdict: For anyone looking to use indoor training over the off-season to make big gains, I would highly recommend the MP1 Nfinity platform. It adds more to your ride than a rocker plate because it has patented fore/aft and side to side movement. Core strength is so important on the bike. Not only for generating power but also for preventing injury. The MP1 Nfinity has made a big difference for me, and also made my rides more engaging. Now that I have one, I can’t imagine training indoors without it.


Pro-cyclist for UCI Women's Team InstaFund Racing, 29-year-old Isabella hails from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her favorite terrain to ride consists of rolling hills with short and punchy climbs.