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Bike Trainer Workouts with Global Cycling Network

These sessions are sure to keep you fit all winter long.

When it comes to biking, Global Cycling Network knows a thing or two. For their Train with GCN series, the world’s largest cycling YouTube channel took to our indoor bike trainers for a sweat-fest.

With workouts focusing on HIIT intervals to 60-minute sessions in the saddle, there’s a workout or two in this collection for every type of rider. The best part is that all these sessions can be done on an indoor bike trainer, stationary cycle or smart trainer.

20-Minute Trainer Sessions

Focus on Fat Burning

Quickly burn fat with this HIIT session.

Threshold Session

Designed to help you raise your functional threshold power (FTP), this workout will help you train just like the pros.

30-Minute Trainer Sessions

Race Winning Intervals

Boost your top-end power with these intervals up the Passo Falzarego.

Cadence Training

Improve your threshold power with these over/under intervals up the beautiful Passo Sella.

High Intensity Interval Session

Kick-start your metabolism with these quick, yet challenging intervals.

40-Minute Bike Trainer Workouts

Hill Attacks

Boost your climbing ability with this 40-minute indoor cycling workout up the Passo Gardena.

Power Pyramids

Get your sweat on with this indoor bike trainer workout on the Passo Pordoi.

Strength Session

Improve your pedaling torque with this strength-focused session on the gorgeous Passo Falzarego.

Sweet Spot Intervals – Passo Giau

Another epic Dolomite climb, this time focused on increasing your threshold power by performing sweet spot intervals on the Passo Giau.

Strength and Power Session

This HIIT session is all about building strength and power on the bike.

Sweet Spot Workout – Passo Falzarego

Can’t get enough sweet spot intervals? Head up Passo Falzarego after you finish with Passo Giau above.

A 60-Minute Bike Trainer Workout

Strength and Endurance Session

Boost your strength, endurance and power during this hour-long workout.

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