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Customize Your Ride: the Saris MTR

A fresh take on the modular hitch rack.

As the saying goes, “First impressions are everything.” And when you first lay eyes on the MTR, its unique design does not disappoint.

Demarcated by pivoting and nesting trays that fold up and away when not in use, the MTR (Modular Tray Rack) is as sleek as it is smart. These rotating trays swing away, allowing closer proximity to the innermost tray to help facilitate faster, easier and more ergonomic bike loading; ideal for tight parking spots, crowded trailheads and heavy rigs. And fun fact: pivoting the trays is a tool-free job thanks to the spring-loaded “Jimmy Pins” - a feature nicknamed for one of the MTR engineers.

Built with American-made steel and aluminum, the 1- and 2-bike platform racks can transport bikes up to 60 lb. each, making it strong enough - and with a 52” wheelbase, long enough - to haul the majority of enduro rigs, downhill bikes and e-bikes. Wheel blocks adjust with an allen key to fit an array of tire sizes, while the rack itself touts a special place to store the included allen wrench.

Built-in cable locks deter would-be thieves, and should one decide to take advantage of the rack’s modularity with an Add-On, our team can ensure a single key works for all locks. The rack itself weighs only 55 pounds, features an ingenious integrated carrying handle and discrete reflective decals.

At the heart of it all is a flexibility that’s not just functional, but practical too. The ability to take the number, size and type of bike - as well as your crew - required for that day’s ride, and be able to adjust by quickly adding or removing trays is what the MTR is all about.

"The Saris MTR hitch rack appears set to be a true game-changer."

Features of the Modular Tray Rack

Modular design

Modular Design

Customize the 1- or 2-bike hitch rack base with an Add-On to transport between one and three or two and four bikes. The 1- and 2-bike Add-On Trays feature the same modularity, versatility, security and style for a seamless look that’s strong and secure.

unique wheel trays

Unique Wheel Trays

Trays that pivot and nest for easy loading and unloading, plus compact storage and transport.

practical versatility

Practical Versatility

Transport a wide range of rigs with the easily adjustable wheel block, impressive 52” wheelbase spec and hefty hauling capacity (60 lb. per bike).

integrated security

Integrated Security

Locks the rack to the car and the bikes to the rack. Bonus: our support team can make sure one key works for all parts of your MTR rack, Add-On included. To take advantage of this feature, contact us.

made in the usa

Made in the USA

Constructed from American-made aluminum and steel.

And coming later this season, the MTR Ramp. Created with the eBike enthusiast in mind, the MTR Ramp eliminates heavy lifting and awkward bike loading. To stay up to date on availability, sign up for our newsletter.

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