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Everesting for a Cause with WBR

Supporting World Bicycle Relief one hill repeat at a time.

The indoor training community is growing faster than ever. And with it, a broadening of events to join and challenges to overcome. The most popular is the phenomenon called “Everesting”.

Everesting, or vEveresting if you’re on Zwift, is the act of climbing 8,848 meters (29,032 feet) by foot or bike anywhere in the world. Pick a hill, any hill, and hit it on repeat until the total number of meters climbed equals that of, you guessed it, Mt. Everest.

It’s an incredible challenge, and this May your fundraising and everesting efforts will help World Bicycle Relief (WBR) continue their important work of mobilizing people through the Power of the Bicycle.

Two Ways to Everest for World Bicycle Relief this May

Plus, a few ways prepare for the attempt and how to help support WBR this spring.

Everesting Academy Calendar

  1. Mass vEveresting Day on Alpe du Zwift with Club3R: May 29th
  2. To help prepare, Club 3R is hosting a vEveresting Academy to benefit World Bicycle Relief.

    • What is the vEveresting Academy: A two-week structured training program, beginning March 13th, that culminates in a mass vEveresting day on Alpe du Zwift on May 29th.
    • How the Academy Works: Academy training will take place via three weekly group rides led by Club 3R riders who have vEveresting experience. The training will build up to Alpe du Zwift hill repeats to ensure physical and mental preparedness for the May 29th virtual event.
    • How Does the vEveresting Academy Support WBR: Instead of paying for the academy, those joining the vEveresting Academy are asked to raise enough money to provide at least one WBR Buffalo Bike ($150), or two ($300) for full Everest riders.
    • Where to Sign Up: Join the 3R vEveresting Academy Facebook Group or send them an email.

    Bicycle Donations with WBR

  3. Rebecca’s Giddy Up Challenge: May 28 – 31
  4. To help prepare, customized eight-week training programs for each elevation begin April 5th.

    • What is Rebecca’s Giddy Up Challenge (GUC): Run or ride an Everest from wherever you are, indoors or out, to raise funds for the Be Good Foundation. There are four challenge elevations: The Queen’s Full Everest (29,032 feet), ¾ Everest (21,774 feet), Half Everest (14,516 feet) and Quarter Everest (7,258 feet). Leaderboard, prizes and awards are included.
    • How the Challenge Works: Participants must ride or run their chosen elevation between 12:01am MDT on Friday, May 29th, and 11:59pm MDT on Monday, May 31st.
    • How Does the GUC Support WBR: Participants in Rebecca’s Giddy Up Challenge fundraise to support the Be Good Foundation, a distributor of grants to organizations that honor outdoor space. Like Saris, the Be Good Foundation is a proud supporter of WBR. In 2020, the Be Good Foundation donated $35,000 to World Bicycle Relief.
    • Where to Sign Up: You can register and learn more at the event at giddyup.rebeccasprivateidaho.com

Rebecca Gravel Riding in the Mountains