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Indoor Bike Trainer Workout: FTP Booster in Zwift

Prepare for the season with this 52-minute FTP-boosting trainer session.

Elevate your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) with this 4-week training plan from What’s on Zwift. Whether you’re new to indoor training or an old pro looking for a new plan, this 52-minute workout will set your season prep into motion.

Before you get started be sure to grab a towel for sweat, something to protect your bike – like another towel or our sweat guard, and at least one bottle of water to keep within hand’s reach.

Ride along with Wilson as he tackles Day 1 of the 4-week FTP booster plan, available here, or check out the workout on Strava.

Note: this Zwift-structured workout is based on a 200-watt Functional Threshold Power (FTP). If you don't know your FTP, you can take our 30-min FTP test.

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