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New Year Resolutions from Our Teams & Athletes

Get to know who we're supporting this year.

It’s a new year, and we’ve got a list of things we’re looking forward to in the coming months. We’re talking more miles by bike, new technical features to explore on dirt-packed trails, and supporting some truly incredible teams and athletes.

Get to know these sponsored athletes and teams with a new-year-style twist. And be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep an eye on their resolutions throughout the year.

Black Cyclists Network Team Photo

Black Cyclists Network

"Our new year's resolution is very simple. We have three goals we want to achieve this year.

Goal No 1 - The past 12 months have been a challenging period for everyone. It has been no different over at BCN. We are a London-based club and have had to adapt to government measures and lockdowns. As result, we have not been able to organise our regular rides and socialise. Partnering with Saris and Zwift has been a game changer for us because we have managed to hold virtual rides that attract over 1000 riders every week. We combine our rides with Zoom video chats. This allows our members to socialise at home and get a good workout in the process. Having Saris indoor bike trainers have been incredibly important for our mental well-being and morale. Our goal is to maximise and improve our e-rides. It seems to be working by all accounts. We are getting record numbers and changing the face of indoor sessions. We are making it even more interactive with our open invitations to join us on Zoom. Our rides are more personalised than most. We play great music and crack jokes. A BCN indoor workout is basically a party on bikes. The end can be a bit brutal, however. We termed the last quarter of our rides the PURGE! We go as hard as we can and try to eliminate other riders in the process to see who gets the highest placing. That in itself creates another topic of debate after the ride.

Goal No 2 - We are aiming to setup BCN chapters across the UK in the next 12 months. There is huge demand for BCN in other parts of the UK and around the world. People relate to us and like our message of unity and positivity. They want to feel the BCN love and we are hoping to give it to them this year. We will be expanding chapters all over the UK - with a view to going Global in 2022. Join us at #BCNnation.

Goal No 3 - Our race team will be competition for the first time this year and will make history as the first majority black racing team in the UK. We are excited at the prospect of representing a big demographic of people who have had little representation in road cycling. We will be racing all around the UK and will be taking you behind the scenes. You can follow our exploits on Instagram and on our YouTube channel.

Hillary Allen

Hillary Allen

To learn to ride a mountain bike and sleep more nights under the stars (preferably bike packing).

La Prima Team Photo

Photo Credit: Max Mcculloch Visuals

InstaFund La Prima Racing

The team resolution is to celebrate the little wins, which we are calling our “champagne moments”. Before our first race each rider will share a goal they have, and when that goal is reached the team will celebrate it just like a race win. With it being the team’s first European race season, we want to improve throughout the season, and setting little goals along the way is a great way to keep things positive.

Laura King

Laura King

My resolution is to embrace periods of rest in all facets of life. With a tendency to hate anything less than 100% and charging forward, Covid and a baby has reminded me how sweet slowing down can be. I know it's also healthy for longevity--body and mind! I want to be present in the moment I'm in rather than multitasking all the other things I need to accomplish at the same time.

Reece Wallace

Reece Wallace

For 2021, my resolution is to have fun on the bike. Get back to basics and focus on my own strengths and what brings me enjoyment on the bike. Not worrying about what others are doing, and trying to be the best version of me possible - on and off the bike.

Remy Metailler

Rémy Métailler

My new year resolutions:

  • I would like to spend more time riding my downhill bike, my true love.
  • I would like to explore new terrain and travel to more amazing terrain to express my riding and share that with my audience.
  • I would like to work on my weaknesses to elevate my riding.

Project Echelon Team Photo

Project Echelon

Aside from setting the high goal of being the top ranked team on the US Pro Road Tour, the Project Echelon Family has been planning ways we can make 2021 an even bigger year of helping educate, equip and empower veterans to achieve their goals and share their stories.

We have also set goals for 2021 to make our outreach, our organization, and our impact more inclusive by sharing stories and faces of veteran groups that have been marginalized throughout history, including Native American, Black, Female, and LGBTQ veterans. Finally, through our Ride To Stop suicide campaign, Project Echelon has set a goal of donating 100 bikes (Argon 18 Gallium CS Disc) to veterans in need.

Saint Augustine's University Cycling Team Photo

Saint Augustine's University Cycling

Our team resolution is to increase our individual weekly mileage to be 50% more than our fall season, and to participate in at least four spring races, even if virtual.

Sika Henry

Sika Henry

Take advantage of each race opportunity!! This year taught me to appreciate racing a lot more. I used to fear it, literally dread it. Between my crash in 2019 and now the pandemic, I realized how much of a privilege it is to race. I was lucky enough to hop in a marathon on November 21st. Something I haven’t done in years. The excitement and gratitude of being able to race made it such an enjoyable experience. I truly believe the appreciation I felt for being able to race helped me finally run a sub-3-hour marathon.

So, my 2021 New Year’s Resolution is to change my mindset when it comes to racing and look at it as an opportunity.

Saris + The Pro's Closet

Saris + The Pro's Closet

Since we race so often, we get the chance to win lots of races, too! It’s sort of an odd thing because winning isn’t exactly the pure motivation for racing, but rather the by-product of lots of things working harmoniously together. In a sense, we see winning in eSports as an indicator of team health, harmony, happiness. When we are having the most fun, we tend to win most often.

So, out of that spirit, our resolution is to “Win every single day in 2021.” In the literal sense, that means 365 or more total wins for EACH squad. In a figurative sense, the resolution is a reminder to us all to contribute purposefully through action and communication in a way that promotes a positive, successful environment.

Ted King

Ted King

Hear ye, hear ye, Ted's New Year's resolution:

Like most everyone, 2020 has been all over the place for me. It’s been topsy-turvy, with some big upswings and some very sad downswings. That said with it now (nearly) in hindsight, looking back, the high of the year was the arrival of our daughter Hazel and therefore being able to really embrace the forced time at home time with her will be something we'll cherish for our lifetimes… even if she won’t remember it. So I resolve to look for the positive in situations, much like we’ve had to do in many ways in 2020, and take conscious time to slow down and enjoy being in the moment, because goodness knows time is not slowing down.