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Support Crew: Who We’re Backing this Year

We’re excited to be sponsoring the following teams and advocacy organizations.

Here at Saris, we believe in using our resources to support teams and organizations that share our vision. From professional cyclists to the upcoming generation of mountain bikers to cycling advocates, these individuals, teams and organizations are making an impact in their communities. We are excited to be sponsoring the following teams and advocacy organizations this calendar year.


One of our mottos is, “At the heart of every cyclist is a better cyclist. Not just defined by speed, but by progress, measurable improvement, the setting of goals and reaching them, and by having fun along the way.” In other words, we know that the athletes that need support aren’t always the ones on the covers of magazines. That’s why we back all levels of athletes, from high school mountain bikers to pro-level riders taking on Le Tour. Here’s who we’re throwing our support behind this year.

Gateway Devo Cycling Team member
Gateway Devo Cycling Team member at the 27th Annual Valley of the Sun Stage Race. Photo courtesy of Gateway Devo Cycling Team.

Gateway Devo Cycling Team

This up and coming group of riders based out of Missouri is going to be doing big things in 2019. The Gateway Dev Cycling Team is fostering a culture for their riders that will help their cyclists succeed on and off the bike.

Stay up to date with Gateway Devo by checking out their website and following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Utah High School Cycling League
The start line at a Utah High School Cycling League Race. Photo courtesy of the Utah High School Cycling League.

National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA)

We are super excited to support eight National Interscholastic Cycling Association leagues across the country. From Wisconsin to Utah; New York to Oregon; Arizona, Colorado and both Northern and Southern California, the next generation of mountain bikers is coming.

Project Echelon Racing
Project Echelon Racing, photo courtesy of Snowy Mountain Photography and Project Echelon.

Project Echelon

Project Echelon educates and empowers veterans through cycling as a form of therapy. Through their work, Project Echelon is telling veterans’ stories and giving them a voice to share their stories and recovery. Their riders are based throughout the Midwest, training on CycleOps smart trainers, and racing across the country.

Follow Project Echelon on Facebook, Instagram and at projectechelon.org.

Trek Segafredo


We're proud to be sponsoring the Trek-Segafredo men’s and women’s UCI pro-teams this calendar year with our CycleOps bike trainers. This season marks the fourth year of support for the men’s team and begins a new chapter with their women’s team in their inaugural year. You can see Trek-Segafredo team members warming up and cooling down on H2 direct drive smart trainers, decked out with an XDR driver, and Fluid2 bike trainers.

Stay in the know by following Trek-Segafredo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Advocacy Organizations

Around here, we refer to our advocacy efforts as our “work away from work”. The more time we spend riding bikes, the more convinced we become that bicycles are a means to cultivating healthier, more vibrant communities. That’s why we commit substantial resources toward advocacy, working closely with others to create safe spaces for people to ride locally, regionally and nationally. Here are the national organizations we’re partnering with this year.

Attendees at ABPB’s Semi-Annual Conference enjoying Memphis, TN, infrastructure.

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals

We will be supporting the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals and their mission of supporting and bringing together officials in charge of pedestrian and bicycle planning. Want to learn more? Follow APBP on Facebook.

Scoping out the cycling infrastructure when in Washington D.C. for the League’s Bike Summit.

League of American Cyclists Active Transportation Institute

We’re delighted to work with the newly rebranded League of American Cyclists and support bike advocacy groups across the country. We will host networking events at industry conferences to support their work. Learn more about this great organization over on Facebook.

wave delineator
The Wave Delineator on display at People for Bike’s 1st Annual Places for Bikes Conference in Madison.

People for Bikes

A new year, another trip around the sun supporting People for Bikes as an industry member as they work towards their goal of making every bike ride safer, easier to access and more fun. See their vision in action over on Facebook, Instagram and peopleforbikes.org.

Vision Zero in the Netherlands: a bike boulevard where "cars are guests."

Vision Zero Network

We’re excited to partner with Vision Zero Network to bring together cities and other key stakeholders who work together to achieve the goal of zero traffic deaths. We’ll be supporting and amplifying their message as they work on using safety to improve infrastructure. Stay up to date with them on Facebook.

And that’s not all. We also support grassroots advocacy organizations and events throughout the year. If you’ve got a great cause in mind, drop us a line.