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The Glide: An Innovative Bike Rack Introduced in a New Way

This trail blazing hitch rack makes its debut on an unique stage: Kickstarter.

The Saris team has been solving bike transportation problems for over four decades. It’s sort of our M.O. From the first strap-on trunk rack in 1974 to the introduction of ubiquitous Bones rack in 1996 to present day, the Saris team knows a thing or two about designing game changing bike racks.

Our quest of innovation is more than surface-deep. This drive to try something new is part of each product’s DNA, from conceptualization all the way to how we introduce a new bike rack to our customers.

Our newest addition to the hitch rack family is the Glide - a never before seen rack that gives you instant access to the hatch of a vehicle both with bikes and without.

Born in our labs in Madison, Wisconsin, the Glide does this with mind-blowing one-step glide action. Simply push the trigger to release the rack, and boom – hatch access. When you’re done, the same amount of (non) effort glides the rack upright and you’re good to go.

The Glide is the best – and only – hanging hitch bike rack that provides fast, one-step access to the hatch of the car.

Glide hitch bike rack in use

A bike rack this innovative deserves a different type of introduction. That's why the Glide hitch rack will make its first appearance on the popular crowd-funding site, Kickstarter.

By introducing the Glide on Kickstarter we're able to jumpstart its success in two important ways:

1) Consumer Feedback

We have a long and proud history of listening to the needs of our customers. From focus groups to product testers to one-on-one conversations with the product team, our mission is to manufacture bike racks that easily fit into an active life.

Through Kickstarter we're presented a unique opportunity to connect with interested customers in a whole new way. This connection during the very last phase of development provides us with key feedback and insight to ensure the best possible rack makes its way into stores.

Man easily using the Glide hitch bike rack

2) Creating History

With new buying habits and the influence of online research, new products now need much more gusto than a pretty picture and a box to make an impact.

They need history. Which is sort of a catch-22 for something that by definition, is new. The uniqueness of the Glide helped us realize that we needed a new approach for something so ground breaking.

The Glide's Kickstarter introduction allows our consumers to vote with their pocketbook. Their backing helps us build the necessary background and history to give it a good start in the market. By having support and interest from consumers, the Glide will hit the ground running. In turn, this momentum gives independent bike shops the confidence that this one-of-a-kind bike rack will bring them success.

Glide hitch bike rack in use

Reap the Rewards

Kickstarter support primes our pump and supports the network of independent bike dealers across the United States and beyond. And with a limited number available, this is your unique chance to be part of the Glide's story.

Made in the USA: Pledge $10 or more

  • Saris t-shirt

Saris Swag Hookup: Pledge $25 or more

  • Saris trucker hat
  • Saris Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Sticker

Your Glide, Your Choice: Pledge $100 or more

  • Your Choice of the Glide EX 4-Bike or Glide EX 5-Bike (your choice of color: black, sapphire blue or copper)

MSRP Glide EX, 4-bike: $499.99
MSRP Glide EX, 5-bike: $549.99

Haul 'em Four: Pledge $250 or more

  • Saris trucker hat
  • Glide EX 4-Bike (your choice of color: black, sapphire blue or copper)

MSRP Glide EX, 4-bike: $499.99

Haul 'em Five: Pledge $275 or more

  • Saris trucker hat
  • Glide EX 5-Bike (your choice of color: black, sapphire blue or copper)

MSRP Glide EX, 5-bike: $549.99

The Total Saris Experience: Pledge $1,000 or more

  • Glide EX of Your Choice
  • A guided tour of Saris
  • Dinner with the Saris team (we’re fun, we promise)
  • Ride the bike paths of Madison with our year-round commuters
  • Most importantly, two dozen of D’s tamales
  • Two-night hotel stay included, must pay for travel to Madison

Ready to get a piece of the glide-action for yourself?

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