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Transform Your Indoor Workout into A Real Ride with Rouvy

Our friends at Rouvy share how to make the most of your time indoors with their training application.

Indoor cycling doesn’t have to be a boring way to stay fit. Thankfully there are ways to add a little fun to a previously dull indoor ride. These entertaining workouts can give you something to be excited about, even during the toughest of times.

One of the best ways to infuse a little fun into indoor training is to ride with a virtual training application. To help with this, our friends at Rouvy shared some pointers on how their training software can breathe new life into indoor training.


Rouvy is an application based on real GPS data and recorded course video footage. It focuses on changing the indoor cycling experience to replicate the realistic feel of riding outdoors, which makes training both efficient and fun.

Bonus: it’s the most feature-rich training platform out there for cyclists and triathletes.

Rouvy Career and Challenges

Training motivation is key to success, and that's why Rouvy offers multiple Challenges throughout the year for Rouvy users. Users can also build their Rouvy Career and get rewarded for their progress with awesome prizes.

Analyze Your Performance

The Rouvy training diary, combined with advanced analytics, helps you reach your fitness goals. You can automatically sync and send your activities to Strava and Training Peaks.

Augmented Routes

Improve the experience of your indoor training session by riding with the new Rouvy feature called Augmented Routes. Augmented Routes are based on a new technology of augmented/mixed reality which combines high-quality route videos with animated 3D riders and objects.

Locate other riders online and quickly join their group on the augmented route. You can choose to ride against virtual partners based on previous rides (including your own) so that you can always have a fun, engaging and exciting ride.

Routes to Try:

  • Easy: AR - Lava Beds / AR - Canyonville
  • Medium-Hard: AR - South Fork Smith River / AR - Kona
  • Hard: AR - Passo Gavia / AR - Cortina-Valparola

Virtual Routes

In addition to Augmented Routes, Rouvy offers you more than 1 million kilometers of high-quality GPS based route videos that span the most beautiful places in the world. Our ever-expanding library grows daily because our platform enables avid cyclists to record new route videos and share them with the rest of the community.

Routes to Try:

  • Easy: Into the sunset / Tour de France 2017 - Prologue / England, AR
  • Medium-Hard: Houston, AR / Offen Pass / Alcudia - Cap Formentor
  • Hard: Col du Galibier / Alpe d’Heuz / Passo dello Stelvio


Rouvy guides you through your workout to help push you to your limits with motivational videos, instructions, and music. You can accomplish your goals with power-based workouts and GPS based routes.

Routes to Try:

  • Easy: Easy Ride, Recovery Ride / 1HR - AVG: 66% FTP
  • Medium-Hard: Rouvy Guide - High or Low Cadence, CycleOps Race Winners
  • Hard: CycleOps VO2Max / RouvyGuide - Explosivity, Over & Under

Choose your Bike Trainer

The most important thing to have is a high-quality trainer that can be connected to the Rouvy App. There are two different groups of CycleOps bike trainers: Classic and Smart. You can enjoy Rouvy with both types of trainers, but each offers a different experience.

Classic Trainer

This group of trainers don’t have any sensors built-in, which means they’re unable to follow the power resistance sent from Rouvy. But that’s okay! You can still enjoy Rouvy’s Virtual Routes with a basic trainer; simply install and connect a speed sensor.

Once connected your virtual speed will change by the elevation profile, while power resistance can only be changed manually. In addition to the required speed sensor, you can also connect a power meter or a power-capable heart rate strap. This way you get more data about your performance.

Example: Fluid2, Magneto, Wind Trainer

Smart Trainer

With a smart trainer, you can enjoy all the benefits of Rouvy. This category can be fully synchronized with the Rouvy App via Bluetooth or ANT+ and offers you the best experience. The smart trainers send speed, cadence, and power data to Rouvy, so you don’t need any additional sensors.

Example: H2 Direct Drive Smart Trainer, M2 Wheel-On Smart Trainer

Download Rouvy

You can download the Rouvy App to your computer on rouvy.com. If you prefer using a phone or tablet, find Rouvy App in the App Store or Google Play. Then, just open the Rouvy App and create your account.

All new users can enjoy a 14-day free trial. The trial begins with your first ride that is longer than 5 minutes, so you have enough time to set-up everything. Additionally, all newly purchased CycleOps smart trainers have a little something in the box: a 30-Day Rouvy trial.

Connect Your Trainer

If you’ve chosen the CycleOps Smart Trainer, plug it in and switch on the Bluetooth on your device or insert an ANT+ dongle. Then, find your trainer on the list in the Rouvy app and connect it.

For the most accurate readings, we recommend calibrating the trainer every few weeks. Calibration can be done within the Rouvy App by simply pressing the Calibration button and following the instructions.

We also recommend updating the firmware of your CycleOps trainer whenever a new update is available.

Enjoy Your Ride!

When everything is set up, you can select one of the training tips or follow tasks related to your current Career level. There are many ways to enjoy your training with Rouvy. Just get on your bike and ride!