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Show Us Your Battle Station

Share a photo of your training setup for a chance to win.

Show Off What’s in Your Armory:
February 16 – 26th

The pain cave is where you go to suffer.
The Battle Station is Where You Go To Win.

Cyclist on indoor trainer

Share how you prepare for battle and get entered to win a grand prize of $1,000 total toward CycleOps, PowerTap and Saris product. Here’s how:

  1. Take a picture of your battle station/training setup.
    • Yes, DIY and other hacks accepted and encouraged.
  2. Tag your photo with #battlestation and #cycleops
  3. Share your tagged photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter from February 16 – 26th.

Plus, the first 100 people to post their photo will receive one piece of CycleOps swag. To see if you’re one of the lucky 100, you must send a screenshot of your entry, along with your mailing address, to battlestation@saris.com.

How to Deck out Your Battle Station

You’ve got the bike trainer. You’ve got the space. Now it’s time to outfit your battle station with the add-ons you need to win. From training mats to towels, these indoor training accessories are the best way to complete your training arsenal, while gaining style points along the way.

Climbing riser block

1. Riser Block

Give your front wheel a lift with the climbing riser block. With three built-in heights, this particular riser block gives you fast access to varying heights, and can be combined with a second riser block for even more versatility.

CycleOps trainer tire

2. Trainer Tire

Trainer tires are specially created to stand-up to the heat created from wheel-on bike trainers, like the Magnus or Fluid2. By training with a tire made up of a robust compound, you’ll keep your outside tires in race-ready condition for next season’s miles outdoors.

CycleOps training mat

3. Training Mat

Ever hopped off your bike after an intense training session, only to nearly be wiped out from slipping on a pool of your own sweat? Yeah, we’ve all been there. A training mat not only protects the floor below you, it also keeps your bike and trainer from “walking” around mid-workout and absorbs some of the trainer vibrations. Bonus, a training mat will also make it a lot easier to see those sneaky sweat puddles to help prevent any future slips with those post-ride jello legs.

Sweat guard for indoor bike trainer

4. Sweat Guard

Scientific fact: sweat is corrosive. And if you’ve spent any time riding inside, you know that indoor training can lead to a lot of it. On a stationary bike, there’s no wind or movement to move the sweat away from your bike, your floor, or your devices. Instead perspiration pools and puddles where it can. The best way to protect your precious two-wheeled investment is with a sweat guard.

CycleOps sweat towel

5. CycleOps Towel

By now you’ve noticed that half of the indoor training experience is sweat management. We’ve got a solution for your floor, your bike and now – you. Keep this stylish towel nearby to keep your eyes free of sweat and focused on the finish line.

CycleOps water bottle

6. Water Bottle

With all this talk about sweat, let’s take a minute to mention hydration. Staying hydrated while riding inside is crucial. Load up with at least one water bottle, ideally two, to keep your hydration in check indoors. Plus, our water bottles coordinate perfectly with our kits, both in-person and in Zwift.

Want to ride in the CycleOps kit in Zwift? Simply hit “P” in-game and enter the unlock code: GO CYCLEOPS.

Storm Trooper riding a bike

7. A Power Costume

Think of it as a power suit, only for training. While this accessory may be optional, there’s something to be said about taking on the identity of a powerful figure. Whether it’s your favorite kit or a stellar Storm Trooper costume, we can’t wait to see what you’ve got. #battlestation #cycleops

Pro Tip: Get everything you need to deck out your battle station in one complete bundle with the Trainer Accessory Kit. It comes with a trainer Mat, two climbing riser blocks, a sweat guard and a trainer tire.

Rules and Terms

  • Contest will be open to submissions worldwide.
  • We’re a family friendly brand, and we respectfully ask that your submissions be kept family friendly. No inappropriate submissions will be considered for entry.
  • By entering this contest, you agree to the use of your photo to be used for promotional purposes, including but not limited to use on our social media channels.
  • Only accurately hashtagged photos (i.e., photos are tagged with both #battlestation and #cycleops) submitted during the contest dates will be entered into the drawing for the grand prize.
  • Photos can show any brand of bike trainer.