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5 Reasons Why You Need a Spring Trainer

From rollers to smart trainers, riding your bike 365/days per year is still a good idea.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Spring Trainer:

  1. Weather
  2. Spring weather can be tricky. Often, we are left with melting ice, relentless rain, and muddy trails. Even once snow has vanished, the unpredictable weather patterns remain. As any bike lover knows the first thing you want to do when the snow melts away is to get on your bike and ride. Using a trainer in your open-air garage or inside can help get you ready for warmer and dryer days. When the ideal riding day presents itself, your indoor training will help ensure your legs are up for the challenge. Not only that, hopping on your trainer before an outdoor ride can help warm-up your muscles for whatever weather you may face.

    Woman Riding Saris M2 Trainer Indoors

  3. Race Training
  4. Every ride counts when you are training for a race and indoor trainers help you focus on the details. There is little to no prep work that needs to be done to hop on your indoor trainer. This makes it a time-efficient race training option for beginners or experts. You won’t be slowed down by route interruptions or other things out of your control. This gives you more time to ride and bigger gains. At the end of the race, you can recover by jumping back on the trainer. Proper cool down is essential for making your legs feel better and getting you racing again.

    Man Riding Mountain Bike Indoors

  5. eSports
  6. Virtual competition isn’t just safer than racing outside, it can instantly connect you to an international community. Is your racing buddy out of state? Meet-up on one of the popular cycling apps like ROUVY, Kinomaps, or Zwift. There are so many unique apps to download and choose from. This can make training a little less mundane, a little more social. Check out routes from all around the globe from the convenience of your house.

    Machines for Freedom Riding Saris H3 Indoors

  7. Safety
  8. Riding outside is one of the most freeing feelings in the world, we will never try to disprove that. However, some bike-lovers don’t feel safe taking it to the streets. The concern of being hit by a car is valid and not every person has access to trails and bike lanes. Indoor trainers allow you to perfect your craft without having to fear for your safety. You can get bike-fit indoors just as easily as outside, giving you the confidence to bike outside once you are ready.

    Ted King Training with Saris H3 Smart Trainer

  9. Time Constraints
  10. Time is a gift, a gift that is always slipping away. We can have the best of intentions, set goals, set an early alarm, yet it always feels like we are playing from behind. Take the prep work out of your training. With an indoor trainer, you can ride in-between work calls, while your baby is sleeping, while your dog is napping, whatever your home responsibilities may be, your trainer offers the convenience to stay in shape without setting aside large chunks of time.