H2 Direct Drive Trainer – Minor Scratch & Dent

H2 Smart Trainer – Minor Scratch & Dent

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From internal electronics to external paint, we take quality control seriously. So much so that if a minor scratch is discovered on a H2 smart trainer before boxing it’s immediately tagged as “cosmetically unfit.”

These cosmetic flaws, usually light scratches from the manufacturing process, are only surface deep. Rest assured these H2 trainers are ready for training. Each of new, never-before-ridden units have passed all calibration and manufacturing testing, earning our stamp of approval.

Just like all CycleOps trainers, these cosmetically imperfect units come with the same warranty promise. If your scratch and dent H2 is found to be functionally defective, contact us to arrange a return. No returns accepted for cosmetic reasons.

Our Warranty

View our Product Warranty page for more information about the H2 Smart Trainer – Minor Scratch & Dent warranty.